Engagement Brunch {Wedding Wednesday}

Josh and I are both incredibly lucky people. Not only were we lucky enough to find each other, but we are also lucky to have amazing family and friends in our lives. A week and a half ago, my mom threw a brunch in our honor to celebrate our engagement. Josh's parents and grandmother came down to NJ (and got to check out our venue!) and it was a wonderful day with family and friends - as captured here in these incredible photos were taken by my wonderful Aunt Joan!

My mother always throws amazing parties - and this one was extra special! I am so glad we got to celebrate our engagement with some of our favorite people and we are so grateful to my mom for putting it together!




  1. A) Your mother has an amazing vase collection. Holy vase that is amazing. B) You look GORGEOUS SARA!

  2. What a beautiful gathering! I love it! Best wishes to you both!

  3. Thanks for linking up, congrats on your engagement. I wish someone would have thrown us an engagement party, even something small.


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