The Only Wedding Planning Book You Need {Wedding Wednesday}

Are you planning your own wedding? Helping a friend plan hers (or his)? If so, then you absolutely must go pick up Mindy Weiss' The Wedding Book.

This book, recommended to me by a book club friend, is absolutely the only wedding planning book you'll ever need. Yes, still go buy the wedding magazines and obsess over wedding blogs (I'll be highlighting my favorites in later {Wedding Wednesday} posts!), but when it comes to planning tips and questions, Mindy is your gal.

We're not hiring a wedding planner, with over a year to plan and my love of planning/organizing, we didn't think it was a necessary expense. I'll have a bridal attendant, and a very attentive general manager, to make sure things are running smoothly on our wedding day. Until then though, I'm turning to Mindy every step of the way.

From the little things - like bouquet and garter tossing (if you should and how if you do) (p. 377!) - to the bigger things - like how to make sure your photographer captures the extra special moments ( p. 93) - this book covers everything. Have a question on ways to cut costs? Mindy offers her top 10 on page 27. Want to review the details in different religious ceremonies? A huge compilation of details starts on page 70. Looking for extra tips to get (and stay healthy) before your wedding? Then you need to turn to page 259 to get the skinny on getting skinny.

I cannot possibly recommend this book enough! I go through mine with pink stickies, and every time I see something I don't want to forget is in there, I place a stickie next to it. Then, as more of these questions come up over the next year, we can quickly and easily find our place in this incredible wedding bible.

Planning a wedding? Already married? What tools did you use to help you plan? And did you / have you used Mindy Weiss' The Wedding Book? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

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  1. YES! Mindy is the best, the absolute best!

  2. thanks for the rec, girlfriend! i'll have to check this baby out.

  3. Awesome, never heard of this, but I will be sure to check it out.

  4. I'm thinking I may need this book, with just a few months to go I've got a lot to do! thanks for linking up!

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