Happy {Father's Day} Weekend!

Once a year, Hallmark reminds us all to send a little extra love to the men who raised us. I consider myself to be particularly lucky, because it just so happens that I have the best Dad in the whole world.

Dad, Brother and I in Baltimore, 1995
Over the years we have grown closer and closer, and I am so proud to call this man my father. From quick phone calls to clarify questions about the family tree, to long drawn out conversations where he googles anything I mention, our conversations and phone chats are always meaningful, and often a favorite part of my week. I won't see him on Father's Day this year, but I can't wait to see him next weekend and tell him in person what an incredible dad he is!
This year, Josh and I are enjoying a busy weekend - first with friends on Saturday (dinner and then the Bruins at our place) and then spending Father's Day with Josh's dad. For the record, his dad is pretty awesome too and I can certainly say that I'll be gaining an amazing father-in-law next year!

I hope you're ready for an amazing weekend too - and if you're still looking for a Father's Day gift, here are a few suggestions!

for the new dad, or dad to be

for the techie, or music loving, dad

for the beer drinking dad

for the foodie dad

Have a happy {Father's Day} weekend!



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