Happy {Awesome} Weekend!

Tonight, sometime around 6 pm in the evening, one of my closest girlfriends will arrive in Boston. And, although she makes trips to Boston for other things, her arrival tonight can only mean one thing ... DISPATCH!!!

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If you haven't heard of Dispatch, then I'm sorry. They are an incredibly awesome band that my college roommate and wonderful friend Liz and I have seen every time they've been in Boston or New York (sometimes on consecutive nights) for the past 6 years. Some might call us obsessed, but we prefer to say that we're dedicated (and maybe a little crazy!).

This weekend, our amazing friend Jam is coming with us to see Dispatch with Guster at the Comcast Center. We're excited to catch up (we have some fun life things to celebrate!), eat some yummy sushi, and of course, rock out on Saturday night. I also have an awesome project in store for the balcony this weekend, and I'm cooking up some amazing recipes to share with you all!

I hope you have an awesome weekend in store too! If you have a free minute, here are some of my favorites from around the blogosphere right now...

organization for small spaces

laundry room obsession

cookies to dream about

paint dipped tools - cute or over the top?

this sandwich is on next week's dinner menu

Have a happy {awesome} weekend!




  1. You are too freaking cute! (as well as your friends!)


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