Wedding Binder {Wedding Wednesday}

Wedding planning has begun! We've been engaged for one wonderful month (1 month! Can you believe it???) and we've begun looking at venues, planning guest lists and, of course, getting inspired! 

And of course, I couldn't embark on such a big journey without at least a little bit of organization. To get organized, I created a wedding only e-mail address for all of our wedding e-mails (trust me, we're one month in and there's already a ton), set up a wedding folder on my computer, and created a binder to keep paper copies of information, and to place all of the inspiration I pull from my piles of magazines.

I bought a 2-inch white binder, and a packet of 8 dividers. I also used two other dividers to split the binder into two sections: Wedding Planning and Wedding Inspiration. Then, within each of those sections, I labeled each of the other dividers. 

In Wedding Planning, I have tabs for Venue Search and Information, the Guest List, our Budget and, we have incredibly generous friends and family and so have already begun a Gift List.

In Wedding Inspiration, I have tabs for Planning, etc. - which includes just about everything EXCEPT for my other three tabs, Beauty for hair and makeup inspiration, Maids for all of my Bridesmaid inspiration, and of course, Dress for my own dress inspiration. 
And I created a funky cover for the binder as well - using some scrap paper I already had, along with some stickers that I picked up at Michael's and some embroidery yarn I also already had. As time goes on, I plan on adding to the cover, but for now I wanted it to be open with room to grow.

This binder is great because it allows us to keep everything in one portable place - easily accessible and completely organized and customized for our use. 

Over the next year, I plan on sharing a lot of the wedding excitement with you. It may not be every week - this isn't turning into a wedding blog! - but I will certainly be posting semi-regularly in the Wedding Wednesday Series. I hope you'll enjoy it!




  1. i loved my wedding binder - and yours seems WAY more organized already than mine ever was. one thing i found extremely useful were clear top loading sheet protectors that i used as pockets for anything that couldn't be easily hole-punched.
    i'm excited to follow along with your wedding planning! congrats and best of luck!

    1. Sheet protectors are my bff!!! That's how I keep every single page I pull out of a magazine - mostly because I'm terrified I'll have to hole punch through something I like.

      Thanks so much for the wedding planning tip! So glad you're following along! :)


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