Three Magical Years of Us

Three years ago today, Josh and I started dating. Or... well, we techinically started dating at the end of April, but three years ago today marks our second date, the decision to date exclusively and, for us, the celebration of our anniversary. (If you're interested in our whole love story, you can check it out here.)

I love coming up with ideas for anniversary gifts - and this year was no exception. For our 1st anniversary (pre-blogging), I filled a jar with 365 reasons why I loved him, and for our 2nd anniversary, I created a gift with stamps representing special places and things in our lives. This year, I wanted to create something just as special, but I knew from the start that I wanted it to have a bit more structure than last year's gift. And, with the influence of Elise Blaha and her love of photobooks, I decided to create Josh a Blurb book of our first three years together.

From our first dates to our first "I Love Yous", countless trips to life with Nash, above are just a few pages from the over 90 pages - and almost 200 pictures - from the past three years (please excuse the glare, I took these in artificial light!). I named the book Three Magical Years of Us and wrote a special caption on the inside for Josh. Using Blurb was so very easy and I think that there are many Blurb books in my future - covering everything from wedding planning to apartment living, from garden growing to puppy loving, and more.

These past three years have indeed been magical - and my dreams came true when I fell in love with an incredible man who fell right back in love with me. I have known from our first weekend away together that we would be inseperable and that we would grow old together. Now, as we begin to plan our wedding, I see more and more every day how perfectly we complement each other in life and in love. I am so excited to celebrate our 3rd anniversary together and am looking forward to a lifetime more of them to come.




  1. Such a sweet gift! I made something like that for husband at year 3 too! Your book looks really nice!


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