Happy {Relaxed} Weekend!

Originally, I had planned to do a lot of relaxing this weekend, but then I realized I had a bit of a to-do list that I want to get through. I am still going to find some time to relax though, and I hope you will too!

Isn't this space beautiful? I wish that I could curl up and relax here for the weekend. In reality though, I'm mostly just excited about enjoying the beautiful weather and spending some time relaxing with Josh and Nash. I think we might hit the driving range this weekend and maybe find time to go and register. We also have a vet appointment for Nash on Saturday, and I have some work and projects I want to get done by Sunday night. Other than that - it's nothing but relaxation for us this weekend.

What are you up to? Anything fun planned? If you're not too busy, here are some of my favorite posts right now...

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Have a happy {relaxed} weekend!



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