A Bridal Shower, A Birthday and Project Bread {Weekend Recap}

Wow - what a weekend, and what a first day of work! Most people spend the weekend before they begin a new job relaxing. But me? I had a busy weekend! 

On Saturday morning I drove up to beautiful Essex, MA to celebrate my friend Kara's bridal shower at Shea's Restaurant. The food and drinks (especially the drinks) were delicious - and the space was beautiful. I had a great time catching up with an old friend, making new ones, and celebrating Kara. 

The favors were shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate (heavenly!) from Hawaii and we had delicious cupcakes for dessert. Such a fun day!

On Saturday night we went out for a friend's birthday, having dinner in the North End, and going out to Stadium (the old McFadden's for those of you who know Boston well). We had an amazing time with some amazing people, but we couldn't stay out too late, because I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning for ... Project Bread's Walk for Hunger!

We (myself and the Quincy High School team) walked 20 miles. Yes, 20. From Boston Common, through Brookline to Newton Center, to Watertown, and then to Cambridge - past Harvard along the river, and all the way to Mass Ave, and back to the Public Garden. And the QHS team was not along - there were a lot of people out walking to work to end hunger.

For the record, I completely underestimated what 20 miles would be like. If I was just going to walk a mile, or two, on my own without thousands of people crowding me, I know - from experience - that I would average 15 minute miles. So I simply assumed that this would be the same way. 20 miles? An easy 5 hours. Ha! More like, 20 miles? A very hard 7 hours. Oof, it was not easy.

By the time I reached this 19th mile, I was barely waddling. My whole body ached, my fingers and feet were massively swollen, and I could not believe that I was still standing. After the walk, I somehow made it home (more walking!) and inside our home to collapse on the couch. 

Today, my right leg is still in serious pain. I think I pulled something - probably due to my general lack of exercise - and waking up for my first day in a new job moving at a snails pace was not fun. I also, in spite of re-applying sunblock twice, somehow managed to miss a few key spots: the right side of my neck, tip of my nose and forehead, and the back of my calves where my leggings didn't meet my socks. This led to a bit of sun poisoning, some dehydration, and a lot of swelling where I'm burned. Am I mad at myself for doing it though? Nope, not at all. And next year, not only do I want to do it again, but I want Josh to do it with me. Despite all the pain and exhaustion I feel today, I had an amazing time and feel incredibly accomplished and am so happy to have worked to raise money to work to end hunger. 

And my first day of work today was great, and I am ready for an awesome Summer working in downtown Boston! I hope you had a great weekend and a great start to your week too! I'll be back tomorrow with a short post on gardening, and I'm gearing up for the Spring Pinterest Challenge on Wednesday! See you all throughout the week!




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