Happy {Relaxing} Weekend!

I had planned to show you a lemon butter salmon recipe this morning, but it seems that those pictures have run away. So, instead, we're back to the regularly weekly wrap-up! I am so looking forward to relaxing this weekend, and just getting rested to end April and geared up for the start of May. 

Don't you wish you had this hammock in your living room? I know I do! I could curl up with my pile of books, and take naps on and off between books all day. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I hope you are getting ready for an amazing weekend too. If you have some time, I hope you'll check my favorite links from the blogosphere right now...

awesome cards for mother's day

i'm not a single lady, but this pizza looks delicious

ever thought to use wrapping paper as wallpaper?

easiest pasta ever (even you can make this!)

mango is my favorite - and this post will make it yours too

Have a happy {relaxing} weekend!




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