Back to School {Field Trip Edition}

Today, I'm heading back to Quincy High School to help chaperone a field trip to one of my favorite places - the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston!

Both Pictures From 2010 During a Trip to the MFA with Josh!
The trip is primarily for a program in Quincy (at both of the high schools) called Museum Docents, but this trip is also allowing the freshmen World History students in my former cooperating teacher's classes to take a trip to the museum. The trip takes students to see mainly African, African-American, Native American and Meso/South American art. While I love the museum, I am excited to focus more on some pieces of art that I may not have focused on in the past.

However, more than going to the museum - although I do love the MFA - I am so excited to be surrounded by some of my students again and be back at Quincy High. I am also looking forward to spending the day with my two former cooperating teachers and enjoying being in Boston with an amazing group of people.

I hope you're having a fantastic Wednesday - and that your week is going well! I'll see you tomorrow with a delicious salmon recipe!
*Note: The trip was absolutely incredible. The hardest part was saying goodbye again at the end of the day. I miss my students so much and leaving them has definitely not been easy. I am so glad that I got the chance to work with all of them! 




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