Recipe: Spicy Bacon Poppers

Good Morning and Happy Thursday! Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and I am so excited for the beautiful weather and for the temperatures to start to warm up and for the snow to go away. We had another snow day on Tuesday, and I am really hoping that there aren't any more of them - at least not before I finish student teaching.

With all these days stuck at home, I've had a lot of time to bake - and this is one of my (and Josh's!) new favorite recipes - spicy bacon poppers!

First step, grab your ingredients ... 

2 trimmed leeks, sliced
4 oz cream cheese, softened
1 pkg. crescent rolls
2 tbsp cajun spice (like my favorite, Tony C's!)
3 slices bacon
1 tbsp butter (not pictured)
1 tsp sugar (not pictured)

Slice your leeks and place them in a pan, along with butter and sugar, and allow them to caramelize over medium-low heat.

While the leeks are caramelizing, mix the cajun spice and softened cream cheese together.

Set mixed cream cheese aside. Then, remove caramelized leeks from heat, and place in a separate bowl.

Using the same pan the leeks were removed from, cook the 3 slices of bacon. Cook to your almost desired doneness, as they will continue to cook in the oven later on.

Then, roll out the crescent rolls on a baking sheet covered in tin foil and place approximately a tsp of cream cheese in the center of each roll.

Place caramelized leeks and pieces of crumbled bacon on top of each dollop of cream cheese.

Bring the ends of each roll together to create small pouch. Make sure to seal all of your edges.

Bake in the oven according to the package directions and then remove and enjoy! 

These were so delicious and we could not stop eating them - it is a good thing the package of crescent rolls only made 8 of them! These were great as a snack, and would also be a great party appetizer! 




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