Happy {Spring} Weekend!

It is officially the first weekend of Spring - and my fingers are crossed that the warmer Spring weather is right around the corner! I meant to post a happy weekend post yesterday, but then time got away from me and well ... now it's Saturday. But since you've already been so patient throughout my student teaching process, I'm hoping you'll be just as patient now. And time has been flying by! My student teaching will be over in just three weeks. THREE WEEKS! Can you believe it? I've already had some students tell me they want me to stay and be a teacher at Quincy High, and I know that leaving them in 3 weeks is going to be super tough. I have grown to love every single one of these students, and I'm getting teary eyed just typing about it. So yes, I'm probably going to be a big ol' crybaby on my last day, but that's okay - my students will just think it is as cheesy as everything else I do. 

But before I rush these three weeks away, because believe me - I am cherishing each and every single moment, this weekend is going to be a busy one! I'll be doing a lot of grading (it was a very busy week) and some final planning, and getting to enjoy a lot of quality family time! I'm seeing my cousin Jennifer for a long overdue lunch today, and then Josh's sister is in town with her boyfriend this weekend, and we'll be having dinner tonight, brunch tomorrow, and then Passover starts on Monday night! I hope that you're gearing up for as an exciting of a weekend as I have - and that it's as great as I think mine is going to be! If you have a few minutes to spare, these are a few of my weekly faves...

A delicious kosher for Passover dessert

These framed quotes are a must make

A reminder that it's important to create your own soul space

Don't chocolate sugar cookies sound heavenly?

These cadbury creme egg cookies look like a perfect Easter treat

Have a happy {Spring} weekend!




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