LOVE {Homemade Holiday}

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day! I am a huge fan of this Hallmark holiday - and for that matter, any holiday that encourages us to remind those close to us how much we love them. And of course, it doesn't hurt that there is so much inspiration to bake and to craft this time of year. 

Last year, I made Josh this card, and I decided to continue the tradition and make him another card. First, I headed out to Michael's to pick up some embossing ink, new red ink, and some embossing powder. Then I grabbed my LOVE stamp, and cards I already had from Hobby Lobby.

I did a trial run first, and discovered the hard way that if you're embossing something and regularly stamping something, you want to do the embossing part first. Kind of a cool ombre effect, but not exactly the look that I was going for.

Having learned this valuable lesson, I used the embossing ink first to stamp and emboss the word love onto the card.

Then, using the red ink, I stamped LOVE two more times - once above and once below the embossed LOVE. Then, I waited til it was dry (I let it sit for about 5 hours just to be safe, although I'm sure it was fine long before that) and wrote inside the card, sealed it up, and left it for Josh to find this morning.

Do you love Valentine's Day as much as I do? Did you make a card or do you prefer the store bought ones? I'd love to hear your Valentine's Day highlights! And I hope you have a wonderful and love-filled day!




  1. So pretty! I used to emboss cards with my mom and grandma. I thought it was the MOST fun the hold the card over the burner on the stove to make the powder "rise".

  2. I adore this!!!!!!!!! I want it!!!


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