Family Weekend Re-Cap!

This weekend, my Dad and my Stepmom came up to visit us (from NJ) and we had a fantastic time! We ate far too much food, got to spend time with some family who lives in the area, acted as art critics at the MFA (and got a membership!), saw a great movie, and overall - just really enjoyed getting to see my family. 

On Saturday, we headed to the MFA, but first had lunch at a restaurant not too far away - the Squealing Pig. It's a cozy Irish pub with delicious food - definitely a perfect place for lunch before heading to the museum. 

The MFA was great - we got to see the Mario Testino exhibit, although I have to admit I wasn't very impressed with it. Testino is a great photographer, and the royal family portraits are beautiful, but I've been hearing about this exhibit for weeks now, and I thought the hype warranted more than about 12 photographs. The contemporary art wing was fantastic though, and, as usual, Josh and I loved heading back to the American Art wing. 

Two of the Most Important Men in My Life! :)
On Saturday evening, Josh's parents joined us for dinner at one of my new favorite places - Fox and Hound in Quincy. We had a great meal and everyone enjoyed each other's company - our families mesh really well together and Josh and I are both grateful for that.

Then, on Sunday, we enjoyed lunch with some of my cousins that live nearby - Ian and Melissa and their kids. We headed to Joe's American Bar & Grill in Dedham and even though I hadn't been there in ages - the food was great for lunch. 

We spent Sunday relaxing, then headed to the newly re-done AMC theatre - they have plush reclining seats now! Yes, we watched a movie while practically laying down - we will never go to another movie theatre again! Oh, and we saw "Silver Linings Playbook" which was unbelievable, and we're really hoping it wins Best Picture next Sunday - although it looks like "Argo" may be tough to beat! (We're hoping to head to the movies and see that this week.) Then, we headed to Wahlburgers and introduced my Dad and Stepmom to our favorite burgers on the South Shore. All in all, a perfect way to end a wonderful day.

Then, on Monday morning, we headed over to their hotel to have a quick breakfast before they got on the road to head back to New Jersey. It was a wonderful weekend and the perfect start to my February vacation week!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend too! 



  1. What a fun-filled weekend! I've never heard of the Squealing it BBQ?

  2. I am sooooo jealous of your long weekend! I don't understand why colleges don't let us have the day off, president's would have wanted it!


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