LiveBlog Part I: The Red Carpet {85th Annual Academy Awards}

Welcome to the first official Forever and a Recipe Live Blog! To be specific, this post will focus on the red carpet, and another post will be opened up for the actual awards. Are you ready to celebrate the most magical, wonderful night of the year? Let's go!

4:30 ... Dinner has been ordered, Daytona 500 has been put on mute on our second, smaller tv, and I am so glad to see that Kelly Osbourne is once again looking quite toned down with her hair pulled back, and a beautiful black dress.

4:42 ... I sort of feel bad for Amy Adams, I know she's been nominated 4 times, but I'm pretty sure she isn't going to win tonight either. Also, Jennifer Aniston? I cannot wait to see her look!

4:46 ... Josh apparently went to high school with the model in the blue dress. At least he's pretty sure he did.

4:53 ... I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, and Kelly is definitely right - they would make the best celebrity couple and should definitely start dating. Like, yesterday.

5:00 ... The Crop Dead Gorgeous Game! How many can you get?

5:01 ... Wow, Kelly is so bad at this game! But, I did learn that Sandra Bullock speaks German.

5:02 ... Josh thought that the last one was Mark Wahlberg. He was wrong. But at least he had a guess, I had no clue who it was. I'm terrible at this game.


5:04 ... And a point for Josh! He knew it was Hugh Jackman. I love Hugh Jackman and cannot believe he's never been nominated for an Oscar before.

5:06 ... This game is moving too fast for me. But, I love Reese and would have never guessed that the last one was Barbara. And yes, I'm on a first name basis with these lovely ladies. 

5:14 ... For the record, I am now, and have always been, Team Jen. 

5:16 ... George said to google "Jennifer Aniston updo" because it doesn't exist. I googled it for you, and so you know, it does exist. And it's beautiful.

5:29 ... Dinner is here and the stars are beginning to arrive! Its a win/win!

5:37 ... I would give my right arm to go to the Governors Ball and eat Wolfgang Puck's incredible 10-course dinner. And I'm not kidding, I really would - it looks beyond delicious!

5:41 ... I really have mixed feelings about Seth MacFarlane. Yes, his shows are funny, but I'm just not sure that translates to this highly anticipated classy evening. But we'll see...

5:53 ... Enough with the leg, please, there's been enough. Full disclosure: Team Jen (see above). But still, no leg, please? And thank you. 

6:06 ... Eddie Redmayne completely stole the "show" in Les Mis - I cannot wait to hear him sing tonight! 

6:10 ... First glimpse of Jessica Chastain! Georgeous!!!!

6:15 ... Is Jessica Chastain a young Meryl Streep? I agree I think it might be possible. And is it just me, or does she sort of look a little bit like Jessica Rabbit? In a good way, I mean. 

6:25 ... Amy Adams looks beautiful, but also a little confused / bewildered. And she's going to be playing Lois Lane. Amazing.

6:32 ... My Mom called (Hi Mom!) to see if I was watching yet. Now she's telling me about the mini nip sized martini-to-go things she found at the liquor store. But I told her she had to be quiet so I could watch the fabulous Quvenzhane Wallis from Beasts of the Southern Wild. This girl is beyond words - I'm so inspired!

6:35 ... Reese. Beautiful. Classic. Timeless. Love. 

6:43 ... Kerry Washington is okay, but I am infinitely more excited that Jennifer Lawrence just arrived!

6:45 ... Blimey! 'arry Pottah has just arrived! So many people are arriving! This is getting so much fun!!! 

6:50 ... And let it be known that I made it til 6:50 without tearing up. Then Amanda Seyfried (who I don't even love) started talking about how lucky and blessed she is. And the tears began.

6:53 ... Jennifer Lawrence, you are so tall. Also, you are my hero and secret best friend. Let's hang out, for reals, I promise not to totally turn into your stalker. Oh wait, and she and Emma Stone are friends? Let's all be besties.

7:00 ... Do you think Josh would be upset if I left him for Joseph Gordon Levitt? I have to tell you though - I'm not sure who I love more, Sally or Joseph. They are incredible! And not just in Lincoln, although they were great there too, but just in general they are absolutely wonderful. 

7:03 ... Melissa McCarthy - my Sookie! Always radiant and beautiful - I love her and love what she does with her wardrobe and really hate that people are cruel to her.

7:06 ... This is turning into such a long post! But on another note, I love flipping to CNN during E! commercials to see stars a second time, and to see some stars that Ryan doesn't get a chance to talk to.

7:10 ... Is Jennifer Hudson wearing heels? Or is she really that tall? 

7:12 ... Did you see Rock of Ages? I did, and didn't love it, but Chicago is one of my favorite movies and I love Catherine Zeta-Jones so much because of it. Fun Fact: Catherine and Michael were born on the exact same day (9/25), twenty-five years apart. Oh. And then Ryan blew her off. That wasn't very nice.

7:15 ... Wow, H&M, well played, well played. 

7:17 ... Jane Fonda looks like a ray of sunshine, and not in a graceful, timeless or classic way.

7:18 ... Where is the rest of Anne Hathaway's dress? And why is she wearing a necklace with such a high top? You'll noticed that we've entered the snarky part of this evening's liveblogging. And, why is EVERYONE taller than Ryan Seacrest?

7:20 ... I feel as though Naomi Watts' dress is more Grammy's than Oscar's. Thoughts? 

7:22 ... I looked it up, he's 5'8" - that's not terribly short. 

7:27 ... So much happened in 5 minutes! But I went to watch the trailer for The Impossible and it looks incredible. It's on our saved Netflix movies and I can't wait to see it. BUT now we've got Bradley Cooper (with his mom!), and we got a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston!!! 

7:32 ... Charlize Theron looks great with the short hair, but I'm not sure I love the dress. Really, unless its toga-ey (like Giuliana Rancic's dress from the first half of the show, or Taylor Swift's dress at the Grammy's, and a few other very specific exceptions), I really think that white gowns should be reserved for brides.

7:37 ... I'm not sure why, but I really didn't expect Judd Apatow to look like that. Also, why did I not know what Judd Apatow looks like? Either way, Leslie is my fave.

7:39 ... I know you were all waiting with bated breath, but we've officially switched from E! to ABC. Goodbye Kelly's purple hair, Hello Kristin Chenoweth and all of your awesomeness.

7:46 ... Okay, we're back to E!. I really wanted to see more of the stars on the red carpet. Adele is gorgeous.

7:47 ... Let's take a quick poll. Is it time for Ben and George to let go of the beards? I say yes, Josh says beards for life! 

7:50 ... Chenoweth's dress is stunning. Utterly stunning. I love it.

7:51 ... More importantly - what do you think the Oscar mystery is?

7:52 ... Chris Evans is adorable in a cheeky, geeky younger brother kind of way. Does that make sense to anyone else but me?

8:00 ... The countdown has officially reached 30 minutes!!!! 

8:01 ... Wow, Jennifer Aniston looks breathtaking! Absolutely beautiful - I love her! 

8:02 ... I may not love Jennifer Garner (there are only so many Team Jens I can root for), but I love how cute she and Ben Affleck are together. 

8:03 ... One question: What is Halle Berry wearing? 

8:04 ... This is getting so exciting - my updates are coming by the minute!!!! Adele is so fantastic! Also, she and Kristin Chenoweth match a bit.

8:05 ... Stacey Kiebler and Halle Berry kind of have a similar style it seems they may have been going for, only Stacey got it right and Halle should have gone back to the drawing board. 

8:08 ... The accountants have arrived!

8:12 ... Unfortunately I'm being forced to watch Anne Hathaway get interviewed. Again. On another note, I'm really craving milk and oreos right now. Or just milk and girl scout cookies. Hmm... choices choices.

8:16 ... Wow, Jamie Foxx's daughter is not just beautiful, but seriously gorgeous and smoking hot. Seriously, I don't feel weird saying that - she is stunning.

8:17 ... I love Daniel Day Lewis, but I sort of super hope that Bradley Cooper gets the upset.

8:18 ... The red carpet is officially winding down and the stars are finding their ways to their seats. I'm taking a quick break - but be sure to check back at 8:30 for my liveblogging of the Oscars - including my take on Seth, the winners and losers, and my running commentary on the speeches - the good, the bad, and the ugly!




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