Sunday Drive {White Houses}

Well, it snowed again here last night. Just a little bit of dusting, but it has inspired this week's Sunday Drive! From the rural to the suburban to the urban - I love how much this color (or lack of color...?) can blend well with different types of homes. Won't you join me for this Sunday Drive?

                                                                                  Source: via Holly on Pinterest

                                                                                      Source: via Kori on Pinterest

And of course, the most famous white home of them all...

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Ha, ha - I couldn't resist! I do love all of the homes above though! My favorite is definitely the third one - I love the modern farmhouse look, with the dual porches and the open air concept on the first floor. I do also love the style of the last one - especially those lanterns and the surrounding fence! - although I would prefer it on a ranch and not in the middle of a city. Which one is your favorite?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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