New Year, New Planner!

Two Fridays ago, I posted a link to the I Heart Organizing 2013 Planner. Jen at I Heart Organizing designed an incredible planner pages printable for 2013. I went to Staples to look at their selection of Martha Stewart Discbound Planners, and decided that although I loved Jen's printables, I liked the smaller size from Martha Stewart better, and decided I would create my 2013 planner from the Martha Stewart collection.

After my trip to Staples last weekend, I came home and set everything up on the table only to discover that I had bought almost all of the wrong inserts. You see how the list inserts are cut on the left to fit into the discbound system? Those are the correct inserts. But then if you look closer at the calendar insert - you'll notice it's for a hole punch system. Those are the wrong inserts.

And so back to Staples I went, and came home with the correct pieces.

Sorry for the glare, but at this point, it was almost 8 pm at night, and I was very excited to get the planner put together. My choices for the notebook cover were black or blue, and I chose the Martha Blue.

Inside, is a storage pocket, a binder sheet pocket, and notebook paper.

I removed most of the inside note pages in order to fit my calendar pages inside of the calendar.

After taking out the notebook paper (but saving it for later on!), I put in the planner inserts.

Between the monthly block pages, I included a tabbed insert in order to be able to quickly find the month I need.

For each week, there is space for morning, afternoon and evening, and two blank areas at the bottom. I decided to use these spaces for blog planning (top) and meal planning (bottom). This is what this week looks like for me.

This planner is the perfect size for me - and it is so easy to customize! 

There's also a space for a pen, and room to keep stickers or other notes. I love the easy close with the band and how well it fits into my bag. In short - this is the perfect customizable planner!

Have you used the Martha Stewart Discbound system before? If so, do you love it as much as I do? What are you using for your organization in 2013? 


P.S. I have not (in any way) been paid to rave about this planner system, but I really do love it and am so happy with how it works. That being said, if you are Martha Stewart and you are reading this, and you want to sponsor me to write about your awesomeness, I would be glad to talk to you about that!



  1. Super cute and functional = the best! I haven't tried the disc systems before but have eyeballed several at Levenger in the past, but they were crazy expensive! Cool to know Martha has a line out that no doubt costs less.

  2. You have the cutest handwriting, my organizer is super cute but I feel like I ruin it with my nasty handwriting.

  3. My sister and I are obsessed over the Martha Stewart office line at Staples. We couldn't leave the Staples booth at the Blogher conference. I love all the labels and went way overboard a few months back...



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