Instalife {January Edition}

Happy Tuesday! Or, should I say, happy first-day-of-teaching-day to me! Today, I will officially introduce myself to my first class of US History 1 students, and get the course moving! I've already met them - since I've been observing their class since January 2 - but today I'll get a chance to get to know them a little better, and to let them get to know a bit more about me. I'll be going over my course syllabus and expectations with them, and also reviewing some effective study habits to give them a jumpstart on the new term. I am so excited to officially start working with these kids and am so happy that this day is finally here!

But, because it's here, it also means that it's the end of January already! Where did the time go? While I sort of (accidentally) skipped December's edition of Instalife, I want to pick back up with January! Things have been so busy with student teaching, grad classes, blogging and life in general that I actually haven't been taking as many pictures as I might have liked, but some good pictures did get Instagrammed this month...

I got back into the gym - after switching my membership to the Planet Fitness closer to me from the one in downtown Boston  - and I've been trying to get to the gym a few times each week.
After complaining about my old small saute pan for over a year, I finally bought at new one at HomeGoods for $10!
Libra Love
A snapshot of the History Bowl where Quincy HS came in 2nd!
My new favorite snack! So delicious!
From physical workouts to brain workouts, and some delicious new food - I've taken some fun pictures on Instagram this month. But my favorites are, as usual, of the world's cutest puppy...

I think I could spend all day Instagramming pictures of my little ball of love! Have you spent January Instagramming too? Don't forget - you can follow me and my daily adventures on Instagram at username @foreverandarecipe! 



  1. Gotta love Home Goods/TJ Maxx for frying pans! I walk down to the TJ Maxx near work at least once a week and stand in the "pots & pans isle" looking at all the things I want. :) Your little guy is so cute - I love it when they make themselves into a tiny ball.


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