Instalife {November Edition}

Wow - an on time Instalife post! In the spirit of staying on top of things and getting everything done in a timely manner, I thought this month I'd share the November Edition of Instalife with you before the end of the next month. Sound good? I thought so. 

This has been a fantastic month! Starbucks released their holiday cups, I read so many fantastic books (look out for the review of The Kitchen House tomorrow on the blog - along with the announcement of December's READ THIS! book!), we celebrated Josh's birthday and some amazing election results here in Massachusetts, I started eating less junk during my lunch hour, watched the tree go up at Faneuil Hall, spent time with my cousin, practiced the heart of multitasking on the T and enjoyed some much need de-stressing frozen yogurt! 

But of course, you may have notice one cute little furry face missing from the collage above...

Our pup is so cute - we just cannot get enough of him!!!! He sleeps in the cutest ways, falls into the funniest positions, loves to snuggle, and finds new ways to get into mischief every chance he gets! 
As for my favorite picture of the month? It is, without a doubt, this picture of the incredible cake that Josh's dad bought for his grandmother's 85th birthday. This cake represents so much love and such great family memories - ones that I am so blessed and honored to be able to be a part of. 

I just cannot get enough of Instagram and absolutely love every single thing about the app! Do you have Instagram? Want to follow me? You can click the link near the top of the bar on the right, or you can search for me @foreverandarecipe! 




  1. So reading your blog at home is so much better than reading at work ( I can't see the pictures at work) Either way, this is fun!


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