Happy {Joyful} Weekend!

Parts of this week seemed to fly by, while other moments seemed as though they might never end - yet here we all are, Friday afternoon getting ready to enjoy the weekend. My weekend is going to be quite busy - a laundry list of things to get done (that seems never ending at times) but I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel and so I'm going to focus on that, as I chug along through my work. Of course, I couldn't let the first weekend of December go by without at least some fun - and I'm looking forward to trying a new (to me) restaurant with good friends tomorrow night for dinner - it'll be a much needed break! 

While I'm working hard this weekend, and trying to stay on top of all of my work, I am planning on taking the time to find the joy in the small moments - and even in all of the work before me. It was a busy week (and will be a busy weekend), but if you have the time, here are a few of my favorite things this week...

I bought one of these beautiful prints as a gift - and one for myself too! 

This secret restaurant looks delicious

Excited for Les Mis? Here's a list of what to do while you're waiting for Dec. 25!

Swooning over this deck

Mmm... PB&J Scones from Baked

Have a happy {joyful} weekend!



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