Bathroom Organization {Fall Cleaning}

Oh my gosh, I really have been bitten by the Fall cleaning bug! Lately, I've been trying to streamline organization, get projects taken care, and really complete the things on my (seemingly) never-ending to do list. And of course, by the time I finish one project, it seems 10 more have popped up in its wake, but that's okay - I'm just going to keep tackling things one by one, until I can sit back and relax and enjoy my hard work. I wanted to share this with you yesterday, but due to some photo issues, I had to wait until this morning to show you my next organization project. And this little piece of bathroom organization is one of those projects that just feels so good to have crossed off the big to-do list. 

First, I started with these three cabinets: 2 completely disorganized ones and 1 other that was completely empty...

Oh yea, this was the real deal. What a mess! More than anything, using my hair dryer in the morning and having to see that mess staring back up at me at the start of my day, was driving me nuts. So, first, I took all of the non-essentials - we're talking medicines, sunblocks, extra travel toiletries - and moved it into our empty cabinet...

These are all of the items that we don't use on a daily basis - an extra loofa, extra dental pics, cold medicine, and many little tubes of toothpaste. And, doing this, allowed me to clear up space in our main cabinet.

Now, the essentials are much closer at hand - bandaids, contacts, face wash and nail polish. Oh, and of course - my new proactiv products. (Have any of you used proactiv? I finally decided to bite the bullet and see if it would work. It's cleared up some of my acne, but it has also dried out my skin a bit - so far I'm okay with the result, but not thrilled.

Then, I cleaned up underneath the sink - removing structured packaging and fully utilizing the mesh drawers that had become relatively empty.

It isn't perfect, but this small piece of organization has made my mornings so. much. easier. - and I couldn't be happier about it! Yay for organized bathrooms!

What are your "bathroom essentials"? Do you find that you keep way too much non-essential stuff close-at-hand? What spaces have you been organizing lately?




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