DIY: Shelf Upgrade {IKEA Hack}

Can you tell I've been a bit obsessed with IKEA hacks lately? It seems like everytime I turn around, there's something new from IKEA that I can incorporate into our home. It has gotten to the point where not only can I not go into IKEA without buying something not on my list, but now I spend more time than ever daydreaming about how to alter pieces I've purchased from IKEA. This next hack is no different. I was inspired by a post on Little Green Notebook all about this hack. I love metallics and I wanted to add something a little funky to my new office space and thought that this would be perfect.

The Vittsjo shelves from IKEA are perfect for a quick and easy hack! All you need is some primer (spray) and a great metallic spray paint. I'm usually a huge fan of Rustoleum spray, but lately, I've really been loving Valspar. It gets great coverage and never drips! 

Lay out the shelves on cardboard and spray each side - first covering with primer - allowing time to dry before turning over to prime the other side.

Then, spray your metallic spray paint - again allowing time to dry before turning over to make sure the pieces are fully covered. You may have turn over a few times to ensure coverage in multiple light coats. 

I did this while it was still in multiple pieces. I wouldn't necessarily say that this was a bad decision - and it may have allowed me a bit more coverage in certain areas - but I would say that I think it might have been easier if I had assembled the shelves first. If you spray first, assemble later, wait until everything has dried and is okay to handle (per the drying time instructions on the can of spray paint), before assembling.

I used the shelves that came with the Vittsjo, the glass and wood ones, although you can certainly use different material for the shelves. At first I placed them up against the window, as you see above, but I've since turned them, and placed them on the same wall as my desk, and am looking forward to appropriately styling them to fit both my personality and the energy I want for my office space. Most of the way things are here will be changing, but for now I needed things off the ground and at least near where they'll be more permanently housed.

How do you style your shelves? Do you go purely functional or purely for style? If you have any suggestions for mixing function with style, I'd love to hear them! I already have a few ideas up my sleeve and I'm so excited to put them together! 




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