Prepping and Painting {Table Adventures, Part 2}

Good Morning! Did you have a great weekend? I worked on so many projects, cooked up a storm, and was in bed by 9 o'clock last night! Oh yes, I have slightly Grandma-esque sleeping habits sometimes. The plan was to stay up for the finales of True Blood and Newsroom (anyone else a fan?), but by 8:30 I was falling asleep on the couch! While I didn't quite finish everything I wanted to finish this weekend, I did get a huge chunk of it accomplished - including being a few more steps along with our new table! Last we left off, I was head over heels for Stuart and things were going swimmingly...
I finished sanding the table on Friday night, and used wood filler to even out some of the larger divots in the table in order to create as level a surface as possible.

After making sure everything was perfectly smooth and wiped free of any leftover dust, I primed the table using Zinsser's Oil Based Primer - my favorite for painting projects. 

I've learned that priming doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to give you a solid base to work off of. After priming, I also went back over it with sanding wedge to make sure the surface stayed even. Then, it was time for the first coat of paint...

See those splotches where there's missing paint? That's what happens when you paint in the dark after 8 o'clock on a Saturday night. Oops. But don't worry - they were fixed with the 2nd coat! You'll also notice the back of one cute puppy checking up on my work in the bottom right - he's a tough critic, but I think that when the table is done, he'll be happy with how it turns out. I do still need to add another coat and then gloss it up before I can bring it inside and call it complete though!
I won't be working on the table (or any other projects) tonight though since I'm heading out to the Boston Bloggers Meet & Greet! I'm so excited to see a few of my favorite blogging ladies and catch up on our summers! Tomorrow, you can look forward to a short re-cap, along with a delicious recipe featuring one of my favorite things - Oreos! I hope you have a great day!Photobucket



  1. After the initial sanding is done, a sense of having a mission is at work. Then when the first coating is done, impending success is at hand. Surface is even and finish product is amazing. Good job!


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