Pinterest Challenge: Ombre Beach Bag

Can you all believe the Pinterest Challenge is back again??? For those of you who are new to my blog, I participated in the Young House Love sponsored Pinterest Challenges back in March and in November. The point of the challenge is to actually put some of our pinning to good use and get as creative as we can! I'm linking up to the party over at Young House Love, Bower Power, Centsational Girl and Ten June! I got inspired by an ombre picnic blanket I had pinned to create a fun ombre beach bag to go along with it!

This project is so much fun and all you need for it is a straw beach bag, 1 color paint, 1 white paint, painter's tape, a mixing tray, paint stirrer and a paint brush!

I used two strips of painter's tape as a guideline, but for the most part I simply freehanded the lines. The goal here was not perfection, but simply to have fun and try to keep the lines looking at least a little straight.

First, I painted the bottom, and up the sides a bit, with the dark pink color.

Then, I added a bit of white paint to the pink, mixed it together, and applied it in a line around the bag.

Finally, I added more white paint to make the shade even lighter and painted that around the top of the bag, making sure to keep the handles free of paint.

After letting it dry upside down overnight, the bag was good to go!

Have you been pinspired by anything lately? Create anything fun and beachy with paint? Oh! And in case you're wondering, this color is Pink Burst by Valspar. I'm absolutely obsessed with this color and hope that I get the chance to use it on something else! 




  1. I love it! So fun and summery!

  2. This is so cute....and summery! I love it!

  3. Thanks Sarah! You know, I actually found a couple of websites that carry them:


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