Fire Island Vacation

Good Morning! Josh, Nash and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Fire Island over the past few days and we're feeling incredibly refreshed and ready to get back to the real world today. I'll be back this afternoon with a fun post about breakfast, but this morning, I want to share with you a bunch of pictures from our vacation. While we might not have gotten a real family photo (oops), I did manage to take some pictures of the island, some of our activities, and of course - the pup!

Nash's First Ferry Ride! Heading from New London to Orient Point on the Cross Island Ferry!
Hanging out on the ferry! Also, basically the closest thing to a family photo that we got.
Waiting to drive off of the ferry - it was a little on the scary side!
Nash - livin' life in the Hamptons!
Hampton snuggles!
Beach sunrise
Morning sun over the bay in Fair Harbor
Nash wanted to chase the ducks! He even jumped in the water to try to catch them!

Fair Harbor Bay Area
Welcome sign - with rules that are mostly ignored.
Le Dock Restaurant, Dock Pizza and the side of Unfriendly's Ice Cream!
Fresh bagels with lox and cream cheese - how can you go wrong?
Josh and Nash walking while helping me pick out houses for this week's Sunday Drive!
Is it a whale or a dolphin?
Sunrise down Central
He's one sleepy pup after 2 morning walks!
Mmm... waffles! Check back this afternoon for a post all about them!
Looks like we tired this pup out!
We really did have a wonderful trip and I even got a little bit of a tan! We are so glad that we got to take this opportunity for some sunshine and relaxation and are already counting down the days until we go back next summer and Nash is especially looking forward to the next trip! 

Did you have a wonderful July 4th holiday? Create any super sleepy pups? Did you get to spend some time sleeping on a sandy beach? I'd love to hear about it!




  1. That beach sunrise pic is gorgeous!! Looks like you had a great time... so jealous. :)


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