Gym Kit {Workout Essentials}

I recently joined a gym downtown, the Government Center Planet Fitness, so that I could workout in a real gym without having to wait for one of the 3 machines at the poor excuse for a gym offered by our apartment community. Trust me, it's worth the $20/month not to deal with it. Anyway, I joined the gym downtown and after my first workout there, I knew that I couldn't continue on like I had been. The gym is hot. And no, I don't mean like, a bunch of people getting sweaty so they're generating heat type of hot, I mean like, oops we forgot that air conditioning was nice type of hot. My workouts consisted of me becoming a much sweatier mess than usual and since I didn't want to scare people when I got on the T after each workout, I created a gym kit to toss in my bag with me.

I'm obsessed. I picked up everything at Target for less than $30, the clear bag being the most expensive item, so if you already have a bag to use, you could throw this together for around $20.

First, and I think most importantly, we have the cleansing towelettes. After a hot run these are perfect for cooling and getting any sweat or leftover makeup off of your face. I use the detoxifying ones, but Target's up&up brand has a wide variety for you to choose from.

Next up is the St. Ives invigorating scrub - I use it on my face and hands to invigorate the skin. Again, Target has a wide variety of these scrubs to choose from.

After that, the little towel comes in incredibly handy because my gym does not have paper towels. Let me repeat this - the gym doesn't keep paper towels in the bathroom. I'm sure it's not for care of the environment, but instead fear of a messy lockerroom, but since I don't think it would be very comfortable to put my face underneath the hand dryer, a small washcloth was necessary. I love the orange, but I recommend picking your favorite color to put a smile on your face after your workout!

At this point, if any mascara or eyeliner has streaked down my face, the q-tips do a great job of cleaning it up.

Next up, a put a little bit of makeup back on so as not to scare anyone I see on my ride home. Me + Sweat + No Makeup = Not a pretty sight. I find that this Almay product is incredibly light and goes on easily without overwhelming my skin.

Then, I rinse my mouth out with mouthwash because after a good workout I like to feel clean.

After that, I make sure to put extra deodorant on so that I don't offend anyone's sense of smell on my way home. My favorite is Dove's cucumber scent.

Finally, after I've gone through everything else, and gotten ready to head outside, I use an oil absorbing sheet to catch any extra moisture on my skin. I like the up&up brand, mostly because it costs less for the same result, but any brand will do.

I am so glad that I put together this gym kit to use every night! Also included, but not separately described are the hair ties because it's always good to have extras on hand!

What do you use when you go to the gym? Do you have to cleanse at the gym or do you work out close enough to home that you go through your routine once you're there? Do you have any favorite products?




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