DIY: Painted Vases

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday - just two more days til the weekend! A few weeks ago, okay about a month and a half, I started a project of painting the inside of a few glass vases to add a pop of color to
our guest bathroom. I painted one vase, the orange one, but the paint didn't quite sit as well as I'd hoped it would. I did some research about painting glass and discovered that it was best if I applied some surface conditioner first. So, I purchased some and went back to work on the other 2 vases, and it went much, much better. This is a fun and easy project to add a little bit color to any space in your home!

All you need for this project are these supplies:

gloss enamels paint
surface conditioner

First, use your brush and brush a coat of surface conditioner. Let this sit for approximately 2-3 hours before applying the first coat of paint.

Once your surface conditioner is set, apply your first coat of paint. To do this, I squeezed a medium amount into the bottom of the vase and then, using the brush, drew it up the sides from there.

Don't worry about getting it to be streak free because as you go back over with a second and third coat, you'll even it all out. Repeat the same for as many vases as you're painting. When you're done, dry upside down on a damp paper towel.

Let sit for 2 hours, or so, between coats to ensure that it has dried completely. Repeat this process until you have completely covered the inside of the vase, and you're all set! Leave to dry overnight and then place in your desired location. I've placed our three vases on a small cabinet we have in our guest bathroom, just to add a fun pop of color!

And remember how I said that I didn't do the orange vase correctly? You'll notice above that the green and blue vases are a bit shinier, the surface conditioner also adds that effect. Here are the three steps I used - skipping over the surface conditioning one - making the paint a little bit thicker and more blotchy throughout.

But, when all is said and done - they look great all together and it's refreshing to see this little extra something in our bathroom. Have you added any pops of color to your home lately? Looking forward to incorporating fresh colors this summer? I'd love to hear about it!




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