Dog Days of Summer {Safety Essentials}

This morning, as I sat down to write today's blog post after taking Nash on his morning walk, it became very clear that Nash was already exhausted - although normally his morning walk barely tires him out. But in 85 degree heat (that only promises to get hotter throughout the day), a walk around the complex was more than enough to tire him out. And so, Nash urged me to change up my original blog post today and take the time to remind you of some very important tips to remember when playing with your dog on hot days.

Nash, exhausted after our morning walk
1. Make sure they get lots and lots of water. I mean lots. Lots and lots and lots. Think your pup has had enough? Probably not. Give him more, and make sure it's cold.

2. Do you go on mile+ walks with your dog? That's great! But today? Today you should skip the walk and stay indoors as much as possible. Dogs can overheat as easily as humans.

3. But it is a nice day, right? So feel free to take your dog out, but just remember not to overexert him. In slight wind this morning, before it even felt very hot, Nash was panting and ready for water.

4. Don't take your pup with you on errands today. Although on fair weather days it's fine to take your pup along for the ride to hang out in the car while you run in to the store to pick up milk, this time of year is too hot and one trip into the store could be fatal to your pup.

5. If your pup does get overheated, you can simply place him in a cool bath (not ice cold) to help cool him down.

Follow these tips (and feel free to google more, as I am not an expert) and be safe with your pup on this hot day! If you have any extra tips, please feel free to share in the comments! Stay cool and enjoy the sun responsibly!




  1. I wonder how my cat would feel if I tried placing her in a cool bath......


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