Spring Puppy Love

Everyday with Nash is another day filled with smiles! While he's not always the most perfectly behaved dog (although luckily for us he tends to act up only in our own apartment and is a gem outside of the home), he is most certainly always the cutest and most loved pup in the world! Here are some of our current favorite photos of Nash, along with a fun video of his insane cuteness at the end!

Good Morning, Pup!

Late Morning Sleepies
Post-Snip Bedtime
Afternoon Nap by the Door
Puppy Playtime!!! (Nash has the green collar.)
Eagerly Awaiting A Treat
Car Snoozes
Throwback Photo: Puppy Nash Before he Grew Into Himself
Headless Puppy! (Taken just this morning!)
Ah! We love how adorable he looks when he falls asleep or when his ears perk up! And he falls asleep in the funniest positions sometimes! And here's a fun video of him chasing his favorite (no longer living) green monster toy, while completely wrapped in his favorite shirt:

Such fun! We're so lucky to have such a wonderful dog! Hope you're having a great day! Happy Thursday!




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