Recipe: Classic Bruschetta

Last night, as Josh and I settled into watch the Celtics game (just like we did two years ago on our second date!), we enjoyed the delicious meal I cooked for us. I made filet tenderloin with broccoli (recipe for steak, here) and polenta with herbed goat cheese (recipe at the bottom, here) to accompany it. But since this wasn't just any old weekday meal, I also created a delicious appetizer to start us off for the evening - Classic Bruschetta.

All you need to make this are the following items:

3 tomatoes (one pictured not used)
2 tbsp olive oil
4 finely chopped garlic cloves
slices of a baguette
(Note: If you are making for more than 2 people or for more than a just a quick weeknight appetizer, double or triple the amounts as needed.)

First, slice and dice your tomatoes, removing the gooey insides. 

Then, marinate the tomatoes in a bowl with the olive oil and chopped garlic for approximately 30 minutes. (Note: You should stir to mix it up, although I didn't take a picture to show that to you.)

Using your toaster oven (or oven's broiler), while the tomatoes are marinating, lightly toast the slices of baguette.

Once the tomatoes have finished marinating, spread over the baguette slices and enjoy! 

Bruschetta is one of my favorite foods and I love how easy this is to make. It can easily be altered by drizzling balsamic vinegar over the top, or sprinkling fontina cheese over the bread before toasting it. Enjoy!




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