List Making {Teux Deux}

Happy Thursday! Today, I want to share my new favorite app with you - Teux Deux - an absolute lifesaver when it comes to keeping me organized and on top of things. I'm a huge fan of making lists - I keep a small Moleskine notebook with me at all times in case I need to jot anything down - but being able to have this giant to do list with me at all times is wonderful.

Yes, this is pretty much my life over the next couple of days. I tend to add more things as days get closer, so further away dates look empty when, by the time they arrive, they'll actually be stocked full of things that need to get done. I love that this keeps me organized at home, and when I'm on the go - the Teux Deux iPhone app is perfect for me! (Note: The app is $2.99, but really, I think that's a small price to pay for synced up on the go organization.)

As soon as I'm done with something, I can cross it off my list - making this a perfect way to keep things organized with so many things going on in my life! And, if I don't get something crossed off, the app simply slides it to the next day's list for me, so that I can make sure it does get done! 

Do you use any apps to keep things organized? Are you handwritten calendar fan, or do you prefer the more technological side of organization? 


PS. In case you're wondering, no, Teux Deux did not pay me for this glowing review and they definitely don't even know who I am. Although, if you work for Teux Deux and you want to send some love my way, that would be fine with me! 



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