Happy Birthday, Dad!

The month of May brings the start of a slew of wonderful family celebrations, from birthdays to graduations, and we are looking forward to celebrating each of them with our family. 

Today, I want to wish an incredibly happy birthday to my amazing father.

Me and Dad with my brother, Jonathan, in Baltimore in April, 1995, with Bob, Our Ford Taurus
Me and Dad at Faneuil Hall, in August 2011
My father, the man who taught me that I should never settle for anything less than wonderful, to always say I love you and to cherish every moment of this life I've been given. You taught me how to drive, the intricacies of sarcasm and that you can never have too much bread and butter (or in our case, butter and bread). Without you, I wouldn't know the power of a great road trip, how delicious a virgin bloody mary is, or how to navigate half of the back roads in NJ. And, most importantly, without you, my life would not be what it is today.

Dad, you are the greatest father that a girl could ever ask for - thank you for being my hero. May your day be filled with joyous memories and everlasting love. Happy, happy birthday. I love you.




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