DIY: Copycat Art

I often see pieces of art that I wish I could have in my own home, but usually the price tag is too large to add that art to our collection. Most of what we have on our walls now has been generously donated by our families to the "Help Sara and Josh Decorate Their Apartment" fund. These works are incredible - from old photographs of Israel and from Israel to some original works from various artists. I've been wanting to add to our art collection, and so I thought I would copy some other designs that I've seen. I have almost no actual artistic talents, unless stick figures are your thing, so I find the best art to mimic is of different designs. To make these, I grabbed some acrylic paper, paints, and a marker pen, and used it to create my own copycat art.

My inspiration for these came from these two images that I pinned on Pinterest.

                                                                                  Source: via Sara on Pinterest

                                                                             Source: via Sara on Pinterest

To make the first one, I gathered a sheet of acrylic paper, some paints and a pencil together. Then, I added lines to the paper with the pencil.

After drawing the lines, I added color to each one.

When I was done, I set it aside and got to work on my other piece of copycat art. For this, all I needed was my gold metallic paint pen and a small piece of acrylic paper. Then, I free-handed the design.

Here are both pieces shortly after:

Finally, I cut the gold pen design down to make it a bit smaller, and then added both pieces to our living room TV console! 

What types of art do you have in your home? Have you added any copycat art? I'd love to hear about it!




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