Have the Best Weekend

From love you big via Sidney Morning Herald
I absolutely love this image - the built-in bookcases, gallery wall, comfy pillows on the couch and the beautiful artifacts scattered about the room. I feel as though the room has huge windows as well - perfect for letting in warm light on a Spring afternoon.

I hope you have the very best weekend - filled with sleepy mornings, pancakes with friends and incredible adventures! I'll be enjoying all of these things - and I can't wait to share some of these awesome adventures with you next week! If you have a moment during your weekend, I hope you'll take the time to check out a few of my favorite things this week ...

This incredible Nike commercial

Kitchen knife typography

Dinner: A Love Story released their cookbook trailer (Warning: If you're a sap like I am, this will make you cry. A lot.)

And, definitely check out my new blog designer, Melissa, from Cherry on Top Designs! She's been great to work with and although I was said to say goodbye to my previous designer, Katy from Twenty Three Oh One who is about to give birth any day now (so exciting!!!), I am thrilled to be working with Melissa now!

Happy Weekend!



  1. Are you updating to a new look for the blog altogether? Love the image too.


  2. @S.

    It's getting a completely different look! Can't wait to share it with everyone!

  3. Really cool...let's discuss this. I want to change the look of mine a bit as well. Have a great weekend!


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