Recipe: Weeknight Steak Dinner

Good morning and happy Monday! I'm so excited for this new week and everything that it has in store for us! I had an amazingly relaxing and yet, super productive, weekend (is that even possible???). I read a lot, made some delicious new recipes, got DIY creative AND got a bunch of work done -- all without stressing and during a snowy weekend! Not every single thing on my to do list got done this weekend (um... laundry? Oops...), but I was able to do quite a lot! And now, get ready for a week filled with recipes, an inspiring DIY project and a Wedding Wednesday feature on this year's Baystate Bridal Expo! To start it all off, I have a simple weeknight dinner for you to try!

When most people hear the words "steak dinner" and they think it involves time and energy (and maybe some extra money) - but for Josh and I - this is one of our go to weeknight meals and we love it because it's fast, easy, delicious, AND inexpensive! Here's all you need for the steak:

I like to use Pam as a good non-stick spray and to keep the steak from drying out, but I also like to use about a teaspoon of olive oil for a little bit of flavoring. I spray and put the olive oil in the pan, and then I season the steaks. Josh and I like a lot of flavor, so I am pretty generous with the spices.

Josh and I like to use Tony C's, but really, any Italian or Cajun spice mix works - in fact, you could even just season it with some salt and pepper and add a little extra olive oil to the pan for flavoring. Then, I place it in the pan, over medium heat for about 4-5 minutes on each side in order to get it to a medium-rare to medium temperature. After I've flipped them, sometimes I like to put a little extra flavoring into the pan by adding a small bit of butter to the top of each steak.

Mmm... butter!
While the steaks are cooking, I heat up my broccoli...

... and I make my tiger dill sauce. Have you ever of this? Because, before I moved out to Colorado, I never had, but so many people out there eat it with their steaks and, as I worked at a steakhouse, I learned about it pretty quickly! Here's what you do - first, take out your horseradish, sour cream and dill:

Then, in a small dish, or ramekin, put in a spoonful of horseradish.

Next, add about twice the amount of horseradish in sour cream.

Finally, sprinkle some dill over it and then mix!

After you taste it, you can add more sour cream or horseradish depending on how spicy (or not) you prefer yours to be. And you can serve it right along with your finished steaks!

When your steaks are finished cooking, transfer them to a plate, add your broccoli and voila! Easy weeknight steak dinner!

Josh's Plate
Sara's Plate
Josh isn't a fan of the tiger dill and he likes broccoli a lot more than I do, so our plates never look exactly the same! We eat this a few times a month - sometimes as often as once a week - and it was the first meal that I ever cooked for Josh (the best way to a man's heart is through his heart - isn't that right?) and I love that it works with anything from your basic steak (here I used Shaw's steak that was about $5) to a nicer cut like a strip or filet mignon.

What's one of your easy go-to dinners? Are you fans of steak or do you find it to be too much for a weeknight dinner? I'm always on the lookout for new recipes so I'd love to hear from you!



  1. Yum, I need a steak tonight after reading this. I enjoyed reading your blog today.


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