Colorado Adventure

Good morning and happy weekend, everyone! Can you believe it's Friday already? I feel like the week has gone by very quickly - although I have it on good authority from people who actually worked all week that it was in fact, a very long one. Even though I felt as though the week went by quickly, I am very excited for this weekend - lots of relaxation is planned, as Josh and I are still recovering from our trip to beautiful Colorado!

From an overlook near Boulder (which is out of view on the left) 
We had the most amazing trip and although I really didn't take too many pictures (blogger fail oops), I did manage to keep my camera out and about during our trip to the Denver Aquarium! I have to admit, I didn't even know that there was a Denver aquarium until last week; the Denver Zoo is just so incredible that I think I just never even thought to look into any other wildlife viewing options. But, I learned my lesson - the Denver Aquarium is fantastic. Not quite as good as say... the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, but definitely much better than the New England Aquarium in Boston and if you're in the Denver area and it's too cold for the zoo, I would definitely recommend going to the aquarium!

We had a bunch of fun just joking around ...

Josh is a shark tank survivor!
... and looking at all the fish!

Big Grouper Fish
Blending-in Fish! (Um, that's it's proper name, right?)
Stingray happy face :)
Our favorite animal/sea creature was this adorable otter who just kept doing flips in the water. He'd a do a bunch, then stop, then come back and start all over again! At one point, we counted over 20 flips. It was pretty much nonstop flipping and it was making us dizzy! (Please note: I didn't realize that I was taking this video sideways, but you get the idea!)

And, of course, I had to act like a 5 year old and climb underneath the tank to get a bubble picture ...

... and get my picture with the shark!

The shark and I were all smiles!
We also ate some delicious food at some of my favorite restaurants in Boulder: Foolish Craig's on Pearl St. and The Med on Walnut St. And, of course, we ate at my all time favorite sandwich place in the entire universe - SPICY PICKLE!

Seriously, their sandwiches are from heaven. They make them on this beyond delicious focaccia bread and while they do have a short menu, the best way to order a sandwich is to create your own! If I could, I would bring Spicy Pickle to Boston and eat it every single day - even if it meant that I would gain about 100 lbs - it's just too good!

But anyway, back to the main point - Colorado was (and is) amazing. Everyone out there is so friendly, the area is gorgeous and the air is so, so clean! I cannot wait for our next trip out there! But now, after our crazy adventure (long) weekend - Josh and I are taking this one to relax. We have some errands to run, but mostly we'll be spending lots of time inside since it's supposed to snow here tomorrow. On Sunday, my friend Kara and I are heading to the Boston Bridal Expo - for her, not me (although it never hurts to look... haha) - and then Josh will be watching the Pats in the afternoon while I get some work done!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here on Monday morning for another fabulous week!



  1. sounds loke you guys had a great time eemy was born in Denver I really miss the mountains I love your blog
    miss you love Aunt Kathleen


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