DIY: Geometric Art

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Just a quick and easy project for you today - this is a very busy week! This weekend I got creative with a canvas, some painter's tape, and some paint to create this:

Last week, I stumbled across this blog post showcasing works of art that could be DIY. I was inspired by two of them...

And so I gathered up my supplies and set to work. First, I took the plastic off of my canvas and put it on my table.

Then, using painter's tape, I created some lines to form different geometric shapes.

After taking this picture, I ended up adding an extra line just to divide it up a bit more, but maybe sort of possibly forgot to take another picture. Oops. Oh well, you can see where I placed the additional piece of tape in the top left quadrant of the canvas. Anyway, then I painted the majority of the canvas with a dark grey shade of acrylic paint. Once I had finished, and washed my brush, I painted the top left area with a dark purple shade of the same acrylic paint.

Then I waited a few minutes before peeling back the painter's tape to reveal the finished product!

The lines aren't perfect, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out. There isn't an exact place for her (yes, I decided this work of art is most definitely female) just yet, but as soon as Josh and I find one for her - I will update you as to her whereabouts!

Have you all created any fun, easy or impromptu art lately? Ever try to really duplicate a famous work of art (for your own personal enjoyment of course)? I wish I was a better artist could draw anything other than a stick figure - than maybe I'd try something a bit more difficult. Until then though, this was easy and fun!

PS. I'm linking up to Creating a House of Grace and homework!



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