Crock Pot Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Note: I updated this recipe and added better pictures on January 21, 2015. You can check out the new post here! Thanks for reading!

Good Morning, Happy Thursday and Happy December! What a beautiful brisk morning we're having here in Boston! This morning I have a quick and easy crock pot recipe to share with you - and I will be back this afternoon with the final reviews of 30 Days to Skinny... The Tasty Way! complete with favorites, things I wish I could do over and the one thing Josh wishes I would leave out of my cooking! But, that's all later this afternoon, for now, let's get back to the delicious dish at hand. My friend Kara gave me the recipe when we went grocery shopping together on Saturday. I bought the ingredients right then and there and couldn't wait to put it all together.

There are only 3 ingredients in this meal:

Pork Tenderloin (I used 2 and it made a hearty amount - easily enough for 8 large sandwiches.) (Also, note that for non-pork eaters, chicken could easily be switched into the place of the pork tenderloin.)
Can of Root Beer
BBQ Sauce

Place the tenderloin into your crock pot.

Raw Tenderloin just isn't pretty.
Then, pour a can of root beer on top of the pork tenderloin.

Cook on low for 6 hours and 15 minutes. Then, remove the pork and, using 2 forks, shred the meat.

Cooked/Shredded Tenderloin isn't very pretty either...
Then, keeping the crock pot on warm, return the meat back to the pot as it gets shredded.

When it is all back into the crockpot, add in the bottle of BBQ sauce (I used almost the entire bottle because Josh and I like extra sauce) and mix it all up. Then cook on low for an additional 25 minutes.

When it's all done, serve on warmed buns with extra sauce or a hearty helping of mayonnaise. You could definitely pair this with some homemade coleslaw or french fries too! The original recipe can be found here, but you'll see that I've altered it a bit as demonstrated above. (Note: For the record, I went and looked at user reviews after I made mine and it ends up that a lot of people suggested putting it back in the pot with the BBQ Sauce after shredding. Great minds think alike!)

Have you made any delicious crock pot recipes lately? Don't you love how easy they are? I can't wait to tackle even more recipes as this winter moves along! You're welcome to share your favorite crock pot recipes in the comments, or send me a link to your blog and I'll check out your recipes there!

And don't forget to check back later today for the conclusion of 30 Days to Skinny... The Tasty Way!



  1. I just made something similar yesterday! I use boneless/skinless pork ribs, Honey BBQ Sauce, and Beef Broth! And then I sautee up 2 chopped sweet onions and bake it all together (30 mins at 350) instead of putting it back in the crockpot. Toast up some potato buns and instant dinner! Refrigerates very well, so after work, it takes 2 minutes to heat everything up!


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