Work It Out {Thankful Thursday}

Yesterday I did something a little bit silly. When I left my house in the morning, faced with the decision of whether to wear flats or sneakers into the office (I keep heels at my desk), I chose sneakers knowing that it might rain later in the day. This worked out well for me until I left my office to come home in the pouring, unbelievably torrential downpour that started around 4:30 pm. With an umbrella and a raincoat, the top half of me barely stayed dry, so you can only imagine what my feet were like when I got home. My sneakers were absolutely drenched. Soaked through my socks to my feet. I was actually able to wring water from my socks when I got home. (Was that too much information?)

So now my sneakers are drying. As of this morning, they were still soaked. I plan on doing some research later to see if I can throw my sneakers in the dryer without either a) ruining them or b) setting my apartment on fire. In the meantime, I can't go to the gym because they are my only pair of sneakers. And so, I needed to find a few workouts (or at least some exercises) that I could do at home, and hopefully without sneakers. Does anyone else remember Jane Fonda workouts? I wish I had them on DVD - then I would definitely just pop that on. Who doesn't love working out to cheesy 80s music while in spandex and leg warmers?

I took to the internet to find a great indoor workout, and this is what I've come up with:


Here's what I've taken from these three awesome sites:

1. Circuit training at home works well. That way you're not bored or easily distracted by the other fun things going on around you.

2. Stretching is key. It is recommended that you stretch for approximately 5-10 minutes BEFORE and AFTER each workout.

3. Use what you have. No machines? No sneakers to run on them even if you had them? No dumbells? That's okay! Use stairs in place of a climber or use cans of food in place of weights to get the same effects.

And now, without further ado, here is the workout (mostly taken from here, with a little bit thrown in from here) that I will be doing tonight when I get home from the office - rainboots and all:

7 minutes of general cardio activity. Skipping, dancing, generally jogging around the apartment. Just trying to stretch and get the heart rate up a bit.

Squat with calf-raise (3 sets of 15)

Air Boxing (3 sets of 1 to 10 and 10 to 1)

Bench Dips (3 sets of 15)

Ski Jumps (3 sets of 15 per leg)

Crunches (3 sets of 50)

Jumping Jacks (3 sets of 30)

Arm and Leg Raises (3 sets of 15)

Cool Down
3 minutes of slowly walking around the apartment to slow my heart rate back down.

There you have it! One totally awesome indoor and non-shoe required workout! (Disclaimer: I'm sure many most probably all fitness trainers would tell you to always exercise with shoes. I have come to my own conclusions that these particular exercises can be done without extra foot support.) Any of you planning on getting into some indoor workouts due to this rainy weather? Or just in preparation of another very, very cold winter? And am I the only one who was silly enough to wear sneakers yesterday? Hope you're all enjoying your Thursday!



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