I'm Daring To... Entertain!

Good Morning! And happy Monday! Did you all have an amazing weekend? From projects, to shopping trips, to a wonderful Saturday night date night with Josh -- our weekend was fantastic! Did it really have to end? I'm definitely looking forward to the short week and time spent with family over Thanksgiving. But, enough about the rest of the week ahead, let's get to the awesome project I want to share with you today. As I did last week, I'm linking up to NewlyWoodwards' Dare to DIY Blog Party Each week for 6 weeks (this is week 2), I will be taking on one of NW's DIY dares. This week's dare is to entertain and so, I am showing you our dining table:

Now, we don't usually keep everything set out there and since it's just the two of us normally, we don't really feel the need to do so, but, I did decide it was time to get a table runner. However, why buy one when I could make one instead? I found this incredible tutorial through Pinterest over at Crissy's Crafts.

                                                                          Source: crissyscrafts.blogspot.com via Sara on Pinterest

How great does this look? So I created my own version using these simple materials:

2 yards material
no sew tape

Seriously, does it get simpler? That's right. I didn't think so either. So, first, I took the 2 yards of fabric and cut them in half lengthwise. (I'll save the other for a table runner in another season.) Then, I created a hem and using the iron, first made a crease in the hem. Then, I used the no sew tape and put it inside my hem.

I love this stuff. I plan on using it for lots of things.
After placing it inside of the hem, I ironed each side for 3 seconds. Then my hem looked like this:

Ooh, pretty!
On each end of my runner, I added 2 layers of ribbon, again, using the no sew tape. First, I used the very methodical way of measuring by using a playing card to make sure each side was equal.

Then, I laid the first piece of ribbon down over the no sew tape and ironed that (front only this time).

Then I repeated the process with an orange ribbon over the brown one.

Sorry for the glare...
 And there you have it! A super simple, no sew table runner!

Please ignore the present lack of curtains. Thanks!

Centerpiece close-up!
If you look really closely, you can see my reflection in the vase! I think I look a little too serious, but in my defense, it was taken very early in the morning - so maybe it's just sleep? Either way, I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! For a bit more streamlined one, definitely head over to Crissy's Crafts to check out hers! I hope you have a wonderful start to your week and don't forget to stop back later for Week 4 of 30 Days to Skinny... The Tasty Way!

PS. I also linked this up to House of Grace's Twice Owned Link Party!




  1. This looks so great! I love the table runner. I think the stripe on the end is just too cute. Also, I'm loving the twiggy centerpiece.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY! I really appreciate it!

  2. I love the runner and anything no sew is for me. Stopping by from NewlyWoodwards Dare to DIY.


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