Sunny Days Are Here To Stay

Is everyone else as excited about this weekend as I am???

Not only is this a long weekend (I love 3-day weekends), which is pretty much more than enough reason to celebrate already, it also happens to be my birthday weekend! Josh and I have an amazing weekend planned - filled with apple picking, delicious dinners, and some craft and thrift store shopping too! And to make this weekend even better (which I didn't know was possible), it's going to be 80 degrees! In October! For the whole weekend! (For now, we'll ignore the global warming implications and just enjoy one last sunny weekend before Boston's winter gets ahold of us.)

You can start looking forward to some wonderful blog posts to come featuring apple-filled recipes, some brand-new DIY projects, restaurant reviews and an awesome birthday post about all of my goals for the next year!  I hope you have had a wonderful week and that you're weekend is off to a great start.

Happy Friday everyone!



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