Link Love {Two for Tuesday}

Hello again! I won't usually be posting twice in one day (my goal of once a day, Monday through Friday is going to be enough of a challenge), but I had to share these two wonderful things:

1. Jenny at Dinner: A Love Story (DALS) featured 10 cooking tips (here) that are things she wishes someone had told her when she started cooking. I knew most of them, but my favorite is the one about browning meat at room temperature instead of right out of the fridge. Until this morning, I never knew that. I'm looking forward to making a few amazing meals with this newfound knowledge; and,

2. My new favorite blog: Jamaica Makes. I'm seriously obsessed - you have to head over and check it out. She is wonderfully crafty and I've already been absolutely inspired in the past couple of hours. I cannot wait to get started on some of her projects. You should also check out Effer Dares - a blog that Jamaica posts on with a group of other women - and even if you don't, I will be taking on some of their challenges and seeing what kinds of exciting things they can inspire me to do!

Hope this inspires you as well!



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