Cute as a Button

One of the things I’ve come across quite often on Pinterest are framed letters made from buttons, just like the ones here on Hello Geronimo. So I decided to make some of my own (because spending $200 on button prints is just not in my budget). Here’s what you’ll need:

- Lots and Lots of Buttons
- Printed Letters
- Picture Frames
- Cardstock (Your choice of Color)
- Scissors
- Hot Glue Gun
- Tape

I decided to make two letters – one J for Josh and an S for Sara. I separated the buttons out by color and decided on blue, green and black buttons for Josh and purple, pink and white buttons for myself.

Then I laid out the buttons on top of the printed letters (I used a copy machine to get the letter size that I wanted) and then moved them, keeping them in the correct order, to another surface so that I could cut out the letters and attach them to the card stock.

Buttons Laying on Top of the "J"

"S" Buttons moved to another surface
"S" cut from the regular paper
"S" Taped to the cardstock
Then, using the hot glue gun (mine was a mini from Home Depot) I hot glued the buttons in my desired order to the letter on the cardstock. I waited for each letter to dry …

… and then framed them!

They’re currently in our bedroom, sitting on top of an antique chest we got as a gift from Josh’s family, but will likely be moved into the bathroom and hung on the wall there instead.

The project only took a few hours (including button sorting time, since I started out with a large bag of buttons that I sorted into bags labeled with the individual colors for easier access) and I love the results! 

Anyone else love button art? Or have ideas on where to put this? Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!



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