33 Weeks Pregnant {Bump Update}

With only 7 weeks left to go until our due date, and some of the more exciting changes taking place over these next few weeks, I thought it would be fun to share a bi-weekly update on the blog! As of today, I’m 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant!

This week, Baby Girl is the size of a pineapple and weighs approximately 4 and a half pounds!

How I’m Feeling

So far, so good (mostly)! This pregnancy really has been kind to me and I really can't complain too much. Aside from some general nausea and exhaustion in the in the first trimester (for which my doctor prescribed Diclegis that worked wonders!), I've generally been feeling pretty good. The past week or so though, my top right stomach and ribs have started to hurt quite a lot - especially by the end of the school day. I spoke with my doctor about it, and she said that basically as the baby grows, my ribs are getting completely squished, causing the pain, and there really isn't very much I can do to make it better. I've been making it through the day, trying not to spend too much time sitting (because that puts more pressure on the ribs), and then getting home and enjoying laying/reclining on the couch for much needed relief!

Weight Gain

As of my doctor's appointment on Monday (September 12th), I've gained 20 pounds in total! So far I'm on track to gain the 25-35 recommended by my doctor at my original appointment with her in March!


Baby is moving so much! For awhile she was mostly moving at night, but now she moves all day long as well! I absolutely love feeling her kick and seeing my stomach move as she does! No matter what I'm doing, her movements put a smile on my face!


Dairy! Milk, yogurt, and vanilla ice cream are my favorite things to eat! I also generally crave breakfast - pancakes, bagels, waffles - and enjoy a nice tall glass of milk (or 2 or 3!) with it!


Nothing really making me turn away. Early on in pregnancy, I couldn't look at raw pork tenderloin or eat pork, but I've had it at restaurants once or twice and it doesn't seem to be bothering me anymore.

Best Moment This Week

The best moment this past week was starting to have more fun styling my bump! Now that I'm back to school, and I have a reason to wear more than basic shorts and a tank, I am having so much fun putting maternity outfits together (especially since I've bought more than I probably should have!). We also had our hospital tour this week and it was nice to get to walk through the hospital and get a better feel for what we'll be doing before we actually do it!

What I’m Looking Forward To

Heading to a bar mitzvah this weekend and looking forward to spending time with family! My friend Meg is going to come over to help me put baby shower favors together (my shower is the 24th!) and that should be a lot of fun! 

Overall, I just cannot believe that there are less than 7 weeks left until my due date! Time is flying by!!



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