Radio Silence {Playing Catch-Up}

As usual, things got busy last year. Eventually I am hoping that I will figure out the trick to teaching and blogging regularly, but I certainly hadn't quite done so last year. After the never-ending Boston blizzards, we finally returned to school but only to be consumed by lots and lots of busy days. 

In March, we went to Toronto for my cousin's wedding and then began house-hunting! 

In April, I headed to DC with some of my awesome students (and we got a tour of the Capitol Building!) and we put in our third offer on a house!

After 6 weeks, about 20 or so houses, and 2 unaccepted offers, we finally put in an offer on a house - and it got accepted! After a great inspection, we signed and P&S and started preparing to move. Then, in June, about 7 weeks later, we did! We passed papers on June 19th and then moved in a week later - but not before ripping up carpet and getting our hands a little dirty!

School ended very late this year (June 29th!) and Josh and I have spent the summer settling into the new house - unpacking, painting, and turning it into our home. I spent some time in Virginia with my mom and took a trip to Fire Island with Nash to spend a week with my Dad and Stepmom. Nash has been very loved all summer and enjoying lots of time at the park, and the beach, and hanging out with me during the lazy summer days.

I finally got a new computer a few weeks ago and so I could finally upload pictures (my old computer was slowly but surely dying) and now I can share them with you! Life has slowed down enough to get back to blogging - before the year gets crazy again of course! 

I'm hoping to get into a good Monday/Wednesday/Friday, blogging groove this fall - and I'm looking forward to sharing our house with all of you! Big things are certainly on the horizon for us - from house projects to big birthdays (we both turn 30 this fall!) to teaching a new class at school (seniors! eek!) - I am excited to live each moment and share so many of them here!

All of these pictures are from my Instagram account - @foreverandarecipe - where you can follow along with my life beyond the blog! Let's be insta-friends!



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