New House Tour

It's been 2 months and 19 days since we officially signed the papers and became homeowners! Hurray! We have long been dreaming of owning our own home - having a place to make our own and a home and yard to call our own. These photos were taken the day we moved in - some of them after the carpet demo had already started - but otherwise these pictures are as "original move-in condition" as we have outside of the listing pictures. The pictures of the living room are complete with some demo-sneak peeks!

It's a 3-bedroom, 1-bath tri-level split with an unfinished basement and a garage. It has a deck and fenced-in yard, and is the perfect home for us. This post is very photo-heavy, and we hope you love the space as much as we do! 

View of the Front 

Inside View from the Front Door

View of the Dining Room

View of Downstairs from the Fireplace

View of the Kitchen

View Up the Stairs/Hallway

View of the Master Bedroom (Left From Hall View)

View of Corner Bedroom (Straight Ahead from Hall View)

Guest Bedroom (Right from Hall View)

View from End of Hallway

Bathroom (Right from End of Hallway View Above)

View of the Den

View of the Basement

View of the Backyard (From Bathroom Window)

Wow! Like I said, so many photos! We love this house so much and are slowly, but surely, turning it into our home. On Friday, I'm going to do a list - Young House Love style - of all of the wonderful things we are doing / want to do to our home. There will definitely not be a dull moment as we work our way through projects!



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