Valentine's Day Art

I'm a sucker for anything romantic and Valentine's Day is no exception. As a kid, long before any boy was giving (or not giving) me chocolate, my parents made the holiday fun with waffles for breakfast, candy hearts and sweet cards telling my brother and I how much they loved us. For me, the holiday has always been a celebration of love of all kinds and so, I like to take every opportunity I can to add a bit more love in our lives during February.

This year, while I was stuck at home during the Blizzard of 2015 for 6 days (yes, school was closed for SIX days), I decided to add a little bit of artwork to our cookbook shelf in our apartment. The artwork was simple to make and I had fun creating it! First, I gathered up some supplies that I had around the apartment. And yes, I may have a crafting materials hoarding problem, but I don't think I'm the only one...

black paint
paint brush
painter's tape
red glitter paper

To start, I used the ruler and pencil to mark lines every two inches along the canvas, and then tape off lines with painter's tape.

After securing the tape, I painted black in every other section.

I immediately removed the tape, and touched up any spots that needed some extra paint. Then, I set the canvas to dry.

After the paint dried, I drew a heart on the reverse side of the red glitter paper and cut it out. I attached the heart to the bottom right corner of the canvas using the painter's tape.

I set the finished product on the bookcase we use to store my growing cookbook collection, and styled it to show off the new artwork, and some matchbox mementos we have!

I am so excited to add bits of Valentine's Day cheer to our home and love brightening up the apartment with fun projects. I got the original idea for this project from Hey Lauren Rene, but changed it around a bit to make it a simpler project to fit my timeframe.

Have you been getting ready for Valentine's Day? Spending your spare time (or deluge of snow days if you're in the Northeast!) crafting? I'd love to hear about your love inspired projects!




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