On Girlfriends {Happy Galentine's Day!}

About 2 years ago, Josh and I fell head first into the world of Leslie Knope and were subsequently introduced to Galentine's Day. The idea is simple - February 13th is another day of love, but this time for your girlfriends! 

A gift I put together for my Galentine Meg using ABM's Marbled Clay Dish Tutorial!
I am so lucky to have a number of wonderful women in my life to trust, to love, and to laugh with. Some of these girlfriends live close and share the smaller day-to-day details. A walk at the park with the dogs or quiet lunches in a classroom allow for a constant share of both the big, and the small, things in life. I cherish each moment with these women who have become my lifelines in Massachusetts. My girlfriends from home and from college are scattered across the country, and it means the world to me that I've found women here to whom I can turn.

But that doesn't mean that I don't get homesick for my other friends from time to time (read: All. The. Time.). I crave the late night talks, sushi dates, neverending giggles and easy conversation that my best friends give me. Because some of them live far away, we rely on gchat or text messages to keep in touch on a more regular basis, but it's never enough and do often wish that we lived closer. But, since I can't move NYC, Denver, Boulder, Wichita and San Francisco to New England (at least not yet!) I will just have to survive on social media and cell phones to keep close.

And of course, on this beautiful Galentine's Day, I am sending so much love their way - to my girlfriends near and far - the best Galentines a girl could ask for!



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