Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

Over the past few months, a friend or family member would occasionally comment about my lack of blog posts. And it's true - I completely disappeared from blog life. I haven't posted since April, but it hasn't been because I haven't wanted to. I was just insanely busy and while I love blogging, and I love the creative outlet that it gives me with all of you - I couldn't give up something I was doing outside of blogging to make blogging work. Now though, with six weeks of summer (that could be a song title, I think) ahead of me - I am excited to include blogging in my plans again! 

Life this Spring somehow got even more amazing than it had been - I taught a winter school class, enjoyed being showered with love at my shower and by my bridesmaids and best friends in Vegas, finishing up my first year of teaching (where did the time go???) and finally, getting married to my best friend and going on the most incredible honeymoon to France and Italy. 

Our wedding was incredible - everything I dreamed it would be. The day went by in such a blur (just like everyone said it would), but the feeling of love from family and friends was a constant throughout the day. We took dance lessons and our first dance went off without a hitch and we loved our band and the food - though we didn't eat all that much - was delicious! We had family in from Florida and Canada and Kansas, and friends from as far as California (and Kansas too!). We were truly blessed to dance the night away with our favorite people.

Right after "I Do!" 
Our first honeymoon selfie - on top of the Arc d'Triumphe looking out to the Eiffel Tower!
The honeymoon was just as wonderful - we started our trip in Paris (the picture above is from our first day!) and then went on to spend time in Florence, Tuscany and Rome! We ate incredible food, fell in love with far away places and had some amazing adventures. We also took over 1000 pictures - so I'll be doing updates in waves over the next few weeks. If you want to check out our instagram pictures of the wedding and honeymoon, everything we posted is tagged with #joshandsara - so definitely check them out! If you don't have instagram, but want to see the pictures, it's super easy to get it. Just download the app on your phone and create a username. Then search for me @foreverandarecipe to add me (I'm private because of teaching if you don't request to add me) or just search for the label #joshandsara to see Josh's and anyone else's pictures! 

Next week, I'll be back with blogging full time - recipes and wedding recaps, summer adventures and summer reading, honeymoon recaps and apartment updates. For now, I hope that you all have a fantastic Wednesday! I know I'll be enjoying mine being productive at home and starting the name change process while Nashville and I enjoy this rainy day inside! 

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  1. welcome back! can't wait to see your pictures---we fell in love with paris too and can't wait to go back!!


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