Paris is Always a Good Idea {Wedding Wednesday}

There really is no place in the world like Paris, and I could not be happier that Josh and I decided to start our honeymoon there. In full disclosure, Josh was actually the one who pushed for starting the trip in Paris before heading to Italy and it was a genius decision on his part.

Our trip began when we landed in Paris (at Charles de Gaulle) on July 1st and we were there until we left for Florence on the 4th (from Orly). We spent our days wandering around the Parisian streets, enjoying the outdoor cafes (seriously, America, we need more of that), seeing so much history, and most of all - enjoying each other's company! Our Facebook photo album from the trip has over 130 photos (and we took over 600 in Paris alone!) and so I'm not going post every single one of them here, but here's a glimpse of a few of my favorites.

Greeted by Champagne and Macaroons - Honeymooning is Great! 
Before heading out after arriving in Paris!
Our first meal in Paris! On the Champs d'Elysees! 
View from the top of the Arc d'Triomphe!
Kisses under the Arc
Our first night in Paris, we went to a local bar to watch the USA soccer game and ran into some of the nicest celebrities - Leland Orser and Jeanne Tripplehorn! 
Our incredible Paris hotel on the right bank between the Opera and the Gardens!
Heading out for Day 2 - my favorite day of the trip! <3 
After a quick breakfast of croissants in front of the louvre, we headed over to the Musee d'Orsay and then to put our lock on the Paris bridge! So much fun!
My husband - the thinker!
Beautiful flowers in the garden at the Musee Rodin
Outside of the Invalides - and one of my favorite pictures taken of the two of us during the trip
Napoleon's Tomb!
We walked by Notre Dame to say hello to the gargoyles on our way to Berthilion!
Gelato from Berthilion enjoyed along the Seine!
I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
Outside of Le Christine - where we enjoyed an unbelievable dinner!
My rower - rowing us along the Grand Canal at Versailles 
My favorite meal of the trip - enjoyed at Bistro Volnay in Paris, just around the corner from our hotel. We ate outside and enjoyed recommendations from the restaurant and loved every bite!
Our final breakfast in Paris at les arts e metiers!
Seriously, sidewalk cafes for the win.

At the French National Archives to see the Edict of Nantes and pages from Louis XVI's diary!
We stayed at the Hotel Westminster on the Rue de la Paix and while we did book through a travel agent, we did most of our exploring on our own. We spent our days wandering - picking a general location to go to with the sights we wanted to see - but making our way along little side streets to discover cute cafes and other things to do and see along the way. We rarely took the metro and had near perfect weather the entire time we were in Paris, allowing us to walk almost everywhere. Paris is a perfect walking city and I couldn't imagine having explored it with Josh any other way. 

These pictures don't even begin to touch on our incredible time in Paris. While this was only the start of the honeymoon of a lifetime, I truly fell in love with Paris all over again as Josh fell in love with it for the first time. While we have plenty of places we want to travel to, Paris is one place that we hope to go back to again and again.

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  1. So charming! Sounds like a fabulous start to your trip!

  2. These guys are extremely affordable, and their food was so delicious. My guests could not stop talking about it! The staff is so on top of everything.

  3. Looks like the trip of a lifetime and such a great way to start off your honeymoon!


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